Wouter Cleppe MTR Baggy shortban

Wouter Cleppe első tapasztalatai az MTR Baggy shortról

My new Endura MTR baggy shorts: Only fashionable or also functionable??

Well, I am a shorts-guy, I wear them so often! I use them to walk around, for running, for driving to school, to the shop, to races, on the podium, … , so, I love shorts. But, when it comes to riding, training, racing, I am always in my ridingbibs… Yep, I know, riding in the “baggy shorts”is getting very popular, but so far I only saw this as a fashion thing... But, lately, more and more friends have been trying to convince me to test baggies for riding, because, according to them, it had real advantages! It would be good to get these shorts over your normal bibs to protect you from cold and wet weather. Sure, not for summer, but ideal for spring and autumn rides when its getting cold, but not cold enough to switch to winter outfits. And, by coincidence, these spring and autumn times are the moments where I spend even more time on the bike then usual! In spring, I have too much energy and I want to celebrate the first sun, in autumn, I think everyday could be the last good day to enjoy the nature in all its beauty, so I ride till I drop :)

So, knowing this, it was the perfect moment to go to our sponsor Endura to see some models. 1 of the models is a set of baggy shorts from the MTR line, products developed by a famous Olympic xc racer. So, perhaps it is not a coincidence, but these products fit me like a second skin! It was trying them on and keeping them on, I love them! But, so far for walking around, time to test it on the bike!

 After 1 week of riding, I have to admit once again that I should listen my friends more often and faster, because they were right! It offers the extra protection from the elements that you need now! And the fact that it looks cool makes in multifunctional! I can jump on my bike in these short to drop my daughter at school, it doesn’t make the moms look strange when I arrive (you should have seen reaction when I get there in my racing xc outfit…) and then I can just continue my ride feeling nice and warm! Even for some longer roadtrips, I am going to use them, they do feel good. And this is thanks to the perfect system to tighten the belt-area. When I walk around, go for small rides with my kid, I don’t mind to have the shorts lower, but when I go for serious trails, I want the shorts to be on the perfect spot, so I can’t get caught behind my saddle… And that’s why there are some velcro systems to easily adjust the position how to wear the Endura MTR baggies… Perfect!

So, I will use them for the days coming with temperatures between 5-10 degrees and yep, I am ready to test some more clothes, I will listen to the advices of my friends now :)

Thanks Endura for opening my eyes and for offering me the great opportunity to test these products!!

See you on the –muddy- trails


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