Wouter Cleppe és az FS260Pro Jetstream III

My new partner in crime: endura FS260pro Jetstream III jacket

Yes, I am sponsored by Endura. No, I am not complaining about my hard life as a house-man with plenty of time for playing every day. But, if you also get the opportunity to become more than just a sponsored racer, more like a testrider, then life becomes really sweet! :)

And so, after being so positivily surprised by my MTR baggy-shorts last week, I understood that there was a gap in my clothing-system. I have the full equipment for xc-xcm racing, being summer clothes and as an extra I have a winter outfit. Somehow, I have never felt that this wasn't complete. Perhaps this is because of the different weather conditions in Bulgaria where spring and autumn go so fast you have to hurry to notice them, or the typical Belgian weather where the conditions on the best summer day are very close to those on the worst winterday :) but anyway, here in Budapest i see there are 4 seasons and that means you need 3 different clothing lines to survive well.

So, I was looking for that jacket that wasn't as hot as the winterjacket but that already offered enough protection for the cold mornings, for the foggy cold windy days and so I received this: the Endura FS260-pro jetscream III jacket with a windproof front + frontside arms .

Well, the people who ride with me already know: I am the kind of guy who is always hot and so I am always using 1 layer less than the rest of the group. This means that I can continue longer in the colder days in my summer outfit, but when I choose to go warmer, it has to be 1 real step up. And so, for me it is a logical choice to go for the Jetscream III as with the windproof parts, it really offers a serious protection from the cold damp air. In these days with temperatures between 6 and 12 I can use it for any kind of riding. The only thing that I change according to the temperature is the baselayer beneath this Endura jacket. This way, if it is a longer roadtrip or a day of trailsearching, just choose the correct underwear and you are ready! 1 of the biggest advantages of this Jetscream III is that you still feel light and manouvrable as you are only using 2 layers. So, i don't feel like a packed polarbear with 7 layers unable to breath, nope, comfortable thin clothes, but offering all the needed protection, great, I only wished I had thought of it before.

Damn, so I did it again, I discovered something simple to make my life easier, better. Discovered??? Nope. It has been there all those years. How could I be so stupid? Hmm, perhaps I should stop trying to reinvent the wheel and start to read some cycling-magazines so I would know which are the new products, but hey... , no! Reading is what you do inside, and testing is riding outside, that's what I love!! :) Then again, it's getting dark early, no? Hmm, perhaps I need to test some lights soon :( Any excuse for riding is good enough for me :)

Next on my list: gloves, perhaps the most important place to protect on my old body, because I notice with age, this is the first place where the blood doesn't want to come anymore, cold fingers, brrrrr, hate it!

A special thanks to Alpinbike and Endura to offer me the opportunity to try all the models and sizes and to help me in becoming a wiser and above all better prepared man :)

Ok, time to go for another ride, see you!!



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