Wouter Cleppe élményei az Endura Stealth Jacket-tel

My Endura Stealth 2: never say “just a winterjacket”to Mr multifunctional!!

Winterjackets, hmm, yep, as you perhaps have noticed by now: It got cold and so some people say it's winter J. Reason to stop riding? No way! Just time to switch to some new clothes again!

Well, winter isn’t just cold and snow, no, it’s a very complicated time of the year with temperatures from +5 to -10, dry to wet, rain to snow (or ice…), long roadtrips or still some epic winter trail adventures… So, you get it: a winterjacket has to cover some very diverse circumstances! And, as we all know winterjackets aren’t the cheapest, it better do a good job! So far, I have always used my winter-team jackets, but to be honest, these were “okay”in 85% of the cases and only real good for 15%. They are usually too hot, not waterproof and not breathing very well. So, that’s why I was more than happy to test this new Endura jacket, the Endura Stealth 2.

When you put on this Stealth jacket, once again, it feels like a second skin! It’s a very thin, elastic fabric that has a great shape and that gives you maximum freedom for moving on the bike. It also has some pockets to put the necessary bikers stuff and a lot of reflecting stripes-letters. It’s so thin I was wondering if this was going to be warm enough, but trust me, it is!! And, if not enough, it’s also waterproof! Great! Nothing worse than getting cold + wet! I am too old for those horrible days… What else? Zippers, a lot of zippers! Yep, with this simple technique, Endura has created a winterjacket that can be adjusted to the very diverse conditions of the winter. It has zippers on the wrists, under the arms and on the inside of the upper arms. This way, you can play a little to find the perfect setup for the day. For example, roadtrips in cold wet weather are the most extreme ones and so far I have managed them all with just a baselayer + the stealth with all zippers closed. For mtb, I never close all, mostly it’s a combi of open zippers to create an airflow to regulate the bodytemperature without getting cold. Super system! Simple and perfect!

So, the Endura Stealth isn’t a jacket with space-technology, but thanks to the great fabric + multiple zippers, it’s easy to use it, to find the good setup for every day, for every weather.

You know, I am so happy that I am even looking forward for colder days :)

Keep on rolling!



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