A ProCycling Magazine a Tune AIRWAYS kerékszettről

Marcel Wüst köztudottan kritikus tesztelő, lássuk mit szólt az AIRWAYS-hez :)

Extract of the current ProCycling (July 2016)

…here everything was tip top and also the very light Tune wheel sets were a great job to me. O the one hand they are very light, that is what the brand stands for, and on the other hand they are really very stable.
Nearly no spreading of the wheels even in the weighing ride and surely even very aerodynamic due to the flat spokes. That in this case lightness is prior to quickness, this is due to the little profiled but also very flat construction of the rim .
A lot of tension on the spokes as well as internal nipples are additional characteristics of this really great wheel set.
The interaction of the TRP brake and the Tune carbon rim has been phenomenal: a really great control, a clearly defined pressure point and a breaking performance that has been on the same level playing field with all other to date tested combinations of brakes and rims. After this nice surprise I decided down there to turn on a dime and to go up again….
To the Airways wheelset: Tune Airways

 (Fotocredits: Stefan Schopf)



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